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Happy Period

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Been struggling with your period?

Many women struggle with a painful period and various other side effects.

This powerful audio has been created to help change the narrative around your period, and to make it your friend instead of your enemy.

I developed this to help reduce painful periods as well as PMS and to help you relax.

Why Subliminals?

And what are these newfangle things and why should I be interested?

I'm sure you've heard of subliminals before right? Derren Brown and all marketers basically uses some form of Subliminal messaging.

It's an incredibly powerful tool for transformation, which is what I use it for. Subliminals allow us to bypass the Conscious Critical Factor, which is in effect your bouncer. He stops anything that he deems shouldn't be there to go in. Now this goes for good and bad.

While we grow up, we're in a constant state of learning and so we're moulded by the events and those who raise us as well as the things we watch on TV and hear on radio.

And if you were raised to live in a hostile environment, your brain will think that is normal and healthy, when in fact it's not. As you grow up you soon learn that's not the case. But you then struggle to change destructive habits which your brain is holding onto for dear life.

Now this is where Subliminals shine, they bypass the bouncer and allows you to effectively reprogram and rewire your brain and body to the positive suggestions that are recorded. Now not all subliminals are created equally, there are special ways of creating them and just popping in some affirmations won't always do the job.

The way I've created them is to make sure that new changes are adopted safely and powerfully and in the least time possible while making it easier for you to adjust to those changes.

Sometimes those changes are subtle, and other times they come out of nowhere like a bat out of hell. And that's when you just go "HOLY HECK, WAS I SUPERWOMAN/MAN/PERSON ALL ALONG?". In short, yes you are.

Anyway, I'm going off the traintracks a bit here. So basically using Subliminals allows us to create effective and safe change, while helping you ease into it and also have less of that niggly "I'm too scared to have a better life" little story that likes to run around in our heads.

Now, I also add in some Brainwave entrainment which allows the brain to slow down and enter a deep state of relaxation. This is basically known as your "learning state", as a child you were in these states all the time. That's why you were conditioned so quickly and why you learned so quickly. So we're bringing you back into that space with the brainwaves to help you adopt the better and empowering views and beliefs of yourself while kicking out the old narrative that no longer fits the vision you have of your future.

So how the heck do I use this newfangled darned thing?

First of all, once you've bought the audio, you're going to get access to the downloads instantly.

All you have to do is download it to your PC or your phone or your Ipad or whatever techy-techy thing you have. (Don't worry it will work on Android, Apple and whatever else is out there on the market)
Then you put on your earphones and hit play. (a good pair of earphones is recommended to experience the goodness of the Theta Brainwave Entrainment)
It's very flexible as you can see. Many of my clients put their audio on repeat during the night as they sleep, or they take some "me" time, shut the door and sit in their recliner while they just relax. Others choose to listen to it while they are working on their computer. So it's very flexible and you can make it fit into your life with ease. I suggest you listen to this for up to 30 days. Most people feel a change within 11 days, but it's good to keep on listening to it for at least 30 days to cement in all those goodies.

NEVER listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery. It is INCREDIBLY relaxing.


Happy Period

Listen to this audio for 30 days as you fall asleep. 
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