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The Queen of Orgasm

    Taking Your Pleasure into Your own hands
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    The Queen of Orgasm

    I want you to close your eyes and imagine this for a moment. 

    You get home and Your partner holds You, you all of a sudden notice that he is aroused. And You? You are ready to go. You feel your body responding with excitement, you feel your arousal becoming stronger and it happens in seconds. You welcome his touch and you welcome the warmth of his body. 
    Fully happy to engage in his affection and to take it further. You feel the tingle and excitement and your arousal growing by the second as he touches You. 
    And You are ready. Ready in mere seconds. 
    Regardless of the reason why Your libido is low - You can have an amazing libido again without having to force yourself. This time You don’t have to use the excuse of “Honey I have a headache or I’m tired” because You’ll simply be in the space to want to engage. On Your terms. Because that is what a Queen does. ;) 
    Imagine being free from the thoughts of “Will my partner leave me if I can’t be aroused? Imagine engaging with love with Your partner, and here’s the thing - in the Queen of Ohh, You will also gain the perks of being able to experience amazing multiple orgasms. And all done very effortlessly too. 
    No longer will you feel the need to force it - it will come naturally and EASILY. 
    Now even if You don’t have a partner - the Queen of Ohh, has some other fringe benefits. 

    You don’t need a partner to experience incredible pleasure and orgasms and beautiful arousal. 
     What will You gain through this process? 
    ·  You will gain Self  Confidence
    · You will gain the ability to have a hands free full body orgasm 
    · You will experience a different and more amazing relationship with your own body on a spiritual as well as 
    on a physical level.
    · You will gain Self worth 
    · You will gain Self Love
    · You will gain the ability to have an orgasm when YOU choose ;) 

    And Your partner will thank you for this… “HEY HONEY, LOOK WHAT I CAN DO” ;) 
    · You will gain the Pleasure and Fun that You were always meant to experience when it comes to Sex. Ohhh yeaahhh gimme some of thattttt!

    Half of Women Struggle with the ability to have an orgasm, and most women lose their libido at one point in their life. And most won't do something about it for a very long time. 

    Maybe You’ve given birth to your beautiful children, 20 years ago and since then You haven’t wanted to have sex because well - Your libido doesn’t exist any longer. It’s gone on vacation to the Bahamas without You.
    Maybe You’ve experienced past traumas which caused You to never trust men or women again and it has left Your libido hiding in the cupboard unwilling to come out, no matter how much cake, or food or toys you have used to try and entice it - it simply wouldn’t come out - PERIOD.
    Maybe You’ve experienced bad sexual experiences before and well - libido and sex is just last on your list
    Maybe You’ve come from a background where You were taught that You have to give and sacrifice Yourself.
    Maybe You’ve been beat down and your self worth and self love worn away and Your self esteem and confidence is hanging by the thinnest thread threatening to break at any minute
    Maybe You come from a background where You were made to feel selfish or bad for having desires no matter how small.
    Maybe You’ve lost the joy of Your body and pleasures completely and have forgotten what it feels like to feel free in yourself… maybe you’ve never really even known what it feels like to be free in Your pleasure and expression.
    Maybe You don’t feel comfortable with who You are.
    Maybe You’re ready to reclaim Your passion, Your sexuality, your libido and Your Self Confidence
    No matter what You’ve been through, or what beliefs You carry or where You find Yourself… Now is the time to answer the Call of Your soul and reclaim Yourself with full acceptance, confidence, courage and love.
    Okay, so before I carry on with my beautiful trance - I have been told that I need to share a few things with You to help bring you into a space of perspective.
    So what I want You to do is to think the words “CHEQUE Please” - because I’m about to hand You a “cheque”, no don’t get excited - it’s not a money cheque - but it is a reality check. ;) You see what I did there? Yeah you did.
     I’m dorky and I know it and I’m so fine with it.
    You see - we all face something dark in our lives at one point. And whatever might be your Darkness - is currently holding you back from stepping fully and completely into Your Queen of Ohh.
    You’re Cinderella right now. You’re not living up to your potential and You’re dealing with the evil step sisters and step mother (your low or no libido) that is holding You back from going to the Ball and finding your Prince Charming (Your Pleasure and play and outrageous libido and orgasms)
    And Your Step Family is just tooo happy to have You around because hey - You’re sorting out breakfast, lunch and dinner, mending dresses and being their slave. Sleeping in a bed of discomfort and feeling utterly numb and exhausted at being mistreated. Yeah I went there.
    I’m Your Fairy Godmother my dear - are You willing to say no to the opportunity to get a beautiful gown? A Horse drawn carriage and glass slippers, but most of all the opportunity to step into a worlds of wonder, magic and love and dancing the night away in the arms of Your Prince?
    Well?? What’s the answer? Yes? No?
    Listen - Pills don’t work (for long)
    Lotions don’t work (for long)
    Potions (Unless they come from a magic wand) don’t work (for long)
    You need something stronger, and more real.
    However many trained professionals in my area of expertise don’t know better - and they will tout that you do all kinds of stuff that takes
     a) half a year or more to achieve amazing arousal and healthy libido.
     b) Requires outdated ways of dealing with libidic issues.
     c) … or sell you on the belief that You’re one of those people that will just have to battle it out without a libido.
    BLEH! To it all I say.
    Here’s the thing - As much as people believe sitting on their behinds and stuff will fall in their laps - how many times have that worked?
    You’re here because a) You’ve gone to other people and nobody could help you and b) well you’ve just not done anything about your issue - yet you’ve been hoping and praying for a solution - WELL HERE I AMMMMMM!!!! I appeared. I’m here… YOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! Yeah me. I’m the prayer answered.
    Joining now means that you are on your way towards your freedom, towards being the most amazingly potent Queen of Ohh possible. Yes You can. I have confidence in YOU.
    You can choose to maybe “try” it alone - and well - not get anywhere.
    That’s one option.
    Then there is the Beginner Fairy Godmother - she has zero experience in helping You get results.
    There is the “I work with everything Fairy Godmother” - You know the one - the one that can do EVERYTHING… but has never really understood the brain, or how to really work with the body and the brain to get the results you need and want. So even if You ask them a question they won’t be able to answer you or find a solution.
    The Fly by Night Fairy Godmother - trying to find their footing and that has never worked or studied anything with regards to libido or orgasm. They will get you to work with them, get no result and then blame You.
    The Educated but have no idea about these issues Fairy Godmother… You know studied - did it - but never had a day’s worth of issues in that area and so have no idea how You feel. It’s like those LOA coaches that have never struggled and never had issues with their mindset - and then expect You to know how to manifest but You absolutely have NO idea how to do that… Well - damn.
    This is where I happen to come in… I have experienced libidic issues, I have overcome them, and I have a healthy libido and the ability to have multiple orgasms with or without a partner.
    And I can have an orgasm when there’s lighting, or when I see something beautiful or when I’m angry and sad… When I choose. I have helped many men and women overcome libidic issues and taught many women and quite a few open minded men how to experience hands free orgasms which had bought back their libido’s in full force along with improving their Self Worth, Self love, self respect and having the ability to step into their ability to be authentic in themselves without being scared.
    To feel totally confident in their bodies, and their abilities - shadow and warts and all.
    I am Maryke, and I have 15 years experience in working with people around their biggest blockages. 7 years out of that 15 years - I have studied deeply in the Tantric and Sexual philosophies methodologies, Sexual and Relationship Dysfunction, trance work, methods based on Neuroscience and Somatic therapies.
    I combine my knowledge to help my clients step into their most potent energies that create beautiful momentum so that they can become free and experience amazing libido and orgasms.
     Be Your own Heroine here …

    · You will become Deeply Confident in Your body, being comfortable with yourself as You are. Knowing that your body is in fact Your best friend and not Your enemy. 

    · Your relationship with Your partner (if You have one) will uplevel - because You will be more authentic and free in Yourself. 

    · Your self worth will increase - which will ripple out into the rest of your life - it will positively help your relationships, it will help you set boundaries. You will then as a result of the self worth - be able to really live life as a Queen - knowing her worth and expecting exactly that and no less. 

    · You will be free from the fears of Your partner leaving You because You just don’t feel like having sex. 

    · Move into Your Creative Energy - I betcha You never realized that Your Sexual energy is actually THE Creative energy. 

    · Your Passion increases by leaps and bounds and You have finally woken up and shaken off the mucky dark heavy energy opening yourself up to Passion, Play, Joy and Peace.

    This all of this and more is You.
    “Maryke, how the heck do I get all of that? How do I become that?”

     I’m happy You asked. Allow me dear Queen, I want to share this with You. I am upholding that vision of You because I want that for You and I know it’s possible for You to become that.
     … … …
     Introducing QUEEN OF OHH - Going from Bleh to Ohhhh.
    You are 1 Step away from stepping into Your Orgasmic Pleasure Queen. Yeah you are…
    The QOO, is really a simple program. It won’t take You much time at all to commit to - Most of the program is done as You fall asleep - WAIT WHAT? I can have a happy libido through falling asleep? - YES YOU CAN.
    I’ve designed the program to work with the brain and the Subconscious mind - where the deepest programming happens.
    You will also learn very special Tantric Breathwork and energy processes that will bring Your parasympathetic nervous system online and help you reach deeper peace and experience amazing orgasmic pleasure and arousal.
    Sign up today and can ask me anything and I will answer through video or audio - and Your questions are anonymous.
    The second bonus is You will get access to my Raising Sexual Energy Orgasm that is juicy and delicious and super yummy - Awaken those parts that are asleep.
    And when You sign up today - You will get the two amazing bonuses
     You will get access to me and ask me any question You want - and I will then make a video or audio answering the question for You. Don't worry it is totally anonymous.
    AND Secondly, You will get my really sought after program, The Raising Sexual Energy Program.
    1) Orgasms help You to feel safer within Yourself - it is medicine in it's own right. 
     2) Better Self Confidence
     3) Hands free energy orgasms - WHENEVER YOU WANT THEMMMM... CAN YOU JUST SAY YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS - Cos it's just freaking badass
     4) Increased Self Love
     5) Increased Confidence & Courage
     6) Multiple Self Activated Orgasms - YEEEHHHAAWWWW
     7) Fire off Your Energy Orgasm before bed and sleep like a log. 
     8) Better health - Orgasms are known to improve our health on all levels. This means better mental health and better physical health.
     9) More relaxation and less stress - internal massages are super good for You! 
     10) a More toned nervous system that helps to improve memory and well being. 
     11) Deeper Spiritual Connection and well being. 
     12) Stimulate the release of Oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone. This then raises a substance called CCK which helps to control appetite. 
     13) Counteracts the harmful side effects of cortisol.
     14) Releases Endorphins 
     15) Helps You look younger because of it's detoxing benefits and because it flushes cortisol from the system. YAAASSSSSSS
     16) More Oxytocin (our best friend) which is the hormone related to passion, intuition, and social skills - Badass Hormone of Bonding and success! 
     17) Improve Your libido 
     Men's Energy Orgasm program to follow soon. 


    Holy Moly! I have being practicing the energetic orgasms technique daily! And it is become so easy to connect with and get into that flow! Multiple orgasms one after another. 

    I am finding my self confidence, self esteem and general well being increasing as well. I want to take better care of myself. I want to enjoy more out of life. It is very amazing and interesting to see how one practice can shift so much! Thank you <3 

    I am even feeling more comfortable with my looks and body. My body shape.

    Also, one unexpected thing was being more comfortable with gifts and abilities. I have always held back not wanting to be to public. 
    Now I am feeling far more confident and comfortable with myself. The idea of putting myself out there isn’t as scary or intimidating. That was something I never expected from working the program!
    Too* sorry for the typos

    Anon via Facebook Messenger

    Where I was emotionally and mentally at the time I started- well I had was struggling. I had lost my goals and felt lost. 

    I was unhappy. I wasn’t in a relationship. I was turned off after the last few men that I dated. 

    I was fed up with men who got on me. And had no interest in sex let alone a relationship. So- yeah it wasn’t where I wanted to be at but felt stuck.

    Now I would say there is a difference especially emotionally. Not I had was. I was struggling. Typo

    I was at a point where men really got on my nerves and disgusted me with being so disrespectful. And it caused me to lose my interest. 

    Plus prior dates and relationships didn’t make me happy so it all accumulated into me losing that connection. 

    I had lost the confidence and enjoyment I had with my body mind and sexual experiences. I was always one to chase men. I like the hunt. 

    I like the flirtation. And it took me meeting men who weren’t into that to realize I needed to pursue men who love that aspect of me. 

    I had both men and women saying you need allow the man to pursue you. Well no, there are men who enjoy this quality in a woman. I need to connect with a man into that specifically. 

    And not accept men who aren’t. It has more to do with loving and accepting yourself for who you are and your desires instead of conforming and playing small so others feel safe and secure.

    So many people are into specifics sexual turn ons and the connection love specifically.  

    Kink has so many different variants. You just have to put it out there and only accept what aligns with you. It takes awhile to find those into the same thing. If you don’t, it’s miserable and toxic at times.  

    So this program really made me more comfortable with who I am. Not just my sexuality but so much more; my looks, body, intelligence, spirituality and everything!

    It’s like going back and reclaiming that part of yourself but with acceptance, confidence, courage and love.

    The program came at the perfect time! Just when I needed it the most. And the impact has flowed over into other areas of my life as well. Good to be a part of it!

    I came from a background where you give and sacrifice yourself for everyone to be a good person. 

    Plus the abuse beat down and wore away my self esteem, self confidence and all. I had given up completely. 
    You were made to feel selfish or bad for having wants let’s alone needs or desires. 

    They attacked you out of spite and jealously. It eroded my sense body image, laughter, fun, enlightenment, sensuality and much much more.

    You lose yourself when surrounded by people who are unhappy and unhealthy. They want to take whatever joy you have within you. 

    Sexual energy is creative, fun, passionate, healing and loving. By connecting to that primal source, I was able to lift myself beyond the conditioning.

    My kids bought me a dark chocolate cherry birthday cake. I had my first sliver of it today and had the energetic orgasms was so delicious. I don’t know which was better! Lol 
    The program works very well! 
    How’s that for an endorsement! Months later and I am  having spontaneous orgasms from all sorts of sensory experiences!

    Very Happy

    Maryke where the hell do I start? I can't even begin to tell you how F*cking amazing I feel. 

    Your program has lit me up. 

    I was despondent and annoyed at everything. 

    I didn't feel pleasure and felt like what you said "the walking dead". 

    I am alive! My soul is alive. I am thrilled. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions. 

    I realized I took a little longer because I was a bit disconnected from my body. But Your guidance helped me to finally get there. 

    I am so so so grateful. Words fail me. Thank you so much for letting me be part of this amazing transformation. 

    You should be charging a LOT more for this program. 


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