• $18.99

Ecstatic Magic

    This is for the woman who knows that her body holds pure power and wants to dig into sex magic to help her create the life she's destined to live.

    Tapping into Your Divine Power

    Ever wanted to learn how to use your Sexual Power to bypass all the "effort" that traditional LOA has? 

    Have you ever felt like You have to jump through so many hoops JUST to get the LOA to work for you? 
    What if you could tap into your pleasure and bypass ALL the extra stuff that the LOA requires from you to get it to work? 

    Tap into your most ancient and Divine power using your pleasure to manifest whatever it is that You desire. 

    Here's the thing... 

    The brain LOVES pleasure. It thrives on it. When you combine the power of pussy and pleasure, you're showing your brain that your desires are totally and completely safe. 

    The brain accepts new things much easier if there is a connection to pleasure. So why not use your sexual pleasure and power to drive your brain towards your goals? 

    You will be guided through a process where You will clear the limiting beliefs as easily as possible, then learn basic but powerful breathwork processes that will help activate your ability to lean into pleasure and play.

    Then simply listen and follow along the audios that I've created.

    Then, You will be taught how to get clarity on what it is you desire and then how to utilize your amazing Body and Pleasure, wisdom and power to make your desires a reality. 

    Shift into the amazing Queen that you are! Readily adopt your Inner Abundant Pleasure Queen that uses the ancient powers of her pleasure. 

    This work is all about using your orgasms and pleasure to focus your intent for a very short but incredibly powerful moment.

    Sex magic is truly a powerful way to make things easier on you.

    Who is this for?

    This is for the CEO and Business woman that wants to activate her Divine power. 
    This is for the CEO and Business woman that wants to make reaching her goals far more easier than she has ever experienced. 
    This is for the CEO and Business woman that is ready for quick transformation and that knows that she holds ancient power in her pleasure and she's ready to play with this. 
    Ready to activate Your Divinely gifted power?


    Module 1

    Watch First Introduction Lecture Pussy Magic DVD Size.mp4
    • 17 mins
    • 21.7 MB

    Module 2

    Worthiness and Deservingness
    Worthiness and Deservingness Lecture 2.mp4
    • 11 mins
    • 162 MB
    Worthiness and Deservingness Follow Along.mp3
    • 11 mins
    • 2.88 MB
    Worthiness and Deservingness Guided with Background Music.mp3
    • 24 mins
    • 14.6 MB
    W&D Guided final no background music.mp3
    • 21 mins
    • 7.62 MB

    Module 3

    Core Identity
    Identity Lecture 3.mp4
    • 9 mins
    • 222 MB
    • 10.3 MB

    Module 4

    Connected Breath demo 1.wav
    • 1 min
    • 3.85 MB
    Connected Breath demo 2.wav
    • 3 mins
    • 12.5 MB

    Module 5

    Sex MagicĀ 
    Pussy Magic Lecture 1 .mp4
    • 13 mins
    • 609 MB
    How to Use the Pussy Magic Guided Recordings.docx
    • 11.3 KB
    P.M recording intro.wav
    • 1 min
    • 2.43 MB
    Pussy Magic Guided No Background.mp3
    • 23 mins
    • 8.58 MB
    Pussy Magic Sex Magic Follow Along Practice.mp3
    • 31 mins
    • 8.58 MB
    Pussy Magic Guided with Music.mp3
    • 24 mins
    • 15.5 MB
    • 4.7 MB

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